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First CONGRESS : Pony Trotting – Moving on to the next stage


Congress: Friday, September 21, at Vincennes Racecourse in Paris
Since 2011, when the discipline was launched, the pony trotting drivers have come a very long way on tracks in France and across Europe! The pony trotting races started with about 10 children taking part, and five races in the Hauts de France region, and five more in the Pays de la Loire.
Nowadays, there are more than 150 competitions in the pony trotting calendar which kicks off in April with the national TROT TOP TOUR circuit, along with the World Summer Cup, and a French Championship that closes the season.
The next stage for this discipline, currently ranked 33rd among those overseen by the FFE (French Equestrian Federation) will be the congress that will take place on Friday, September 21st, from 10am to 6pm at the Vincennes racecourse in Paris. Taking part in this first pony trotting congress will be presidents of racing bodies from France and across Europe, representatives from the French Equestrian Federation, and those involved in the discipline. It will offer an opportunity for each and every participant to reflect on the issues that underpin the economic and sporting development of the discipline.
The congress will be opened by:
Dominique de BELLAIGUE, President of the company LeTROT, Serge LECOMTE, President of the French Equestrian Federation and Anne Catherine LOISIER, vice-president of the Senate’s horse group
The themes that will be discussed:
Overview of the Pony Trotting Discipline: presented by Martine DELLA ROCCA FASQUELLE, President of the Trot Racing Committee of the French Equestrian Federation, and Jean Baptiste BOSSUET, President of the National Association of Pony Harness and Flat Racing.
Developing the Discipline: Presidents Joel BOURGEOIS (of Ecommoy Racing Company and Treasurer of the National Association of Pony Harness and Flat Racing) and Frederic MUNET of Rochefort sur Loire Racing Company, Bernard MARIE President of Rambouillet Racecourse, and Alain Le MENAHEZE, Communications Director of Fédération Nationale des Courses Hippiques (National Horse Racing Federation). Regional directors, Stephanie BENOIT (Hauts de France), Laurent BIZOUX (Normandy), Sophie BLANCHETIERE (Sud-Est and Centre Est), Philippe MOREAU (Ile de France), as well as Laurence BULOT who runs an equestrian centre  and Laurence AVEILLAN, Director of AFASEC (Racing stable training association) training
Testimonials by Participants and Parents: Clement DUVALDESTIN (races), Lea LEFEVRE (equestrian sports), who both started out in pony trotting, Gregory DIEU and Eric CORDONNIE, fathers of two little girls who race in the mini category via an equestrian centre, and presidents Xavier DECAUDIN of the Hauts de France Trotting Committee and Thibault LAMARE of the Trotting Trainers, Drivers and Jockeys Syndicate.
Breeding a French Trotting Pony: Creating a racing pony breed by Guillaume BLANC of the IFCE, and Jean-Baptiste BOSSUET, President, and Philippe FRAIOLI, officer, of the French Trotting Pony Breeding Association.
A Second Life for Racecourses: An “Equestrian Cluster:” presentation by the presidents of French racing companies: François FORCIOLI-CONTI (Cagnes sur Mer), Jean-Luc EGRET (La Capelle), Jean-Baptiste BOSSUET (Meslay du Maine), Pierre PREAUD of the National Horse Racing Federation  and Jean de CHEVIGNY, Secretary General of Fond Eperon.
The Media Impact of the Discipline: Martine DELLA ROCCA, President of the Association of Junior Drivers, Philippe BOUCHARA, President of Vichy Racecourse and communications services, Mathias HEBERT (FFE), Thibaut CEFFREY (LeTROT) and Alain Le MENAHEZE Communications Director of Fédération Nationale des Courses Hippiques (National Horse Racing Federation).
• Pony Trotting Beyond Borders: Testimonials from country presidents: Kerstin PETTERSSON BRODA (Malmö, Sweden), Jean-Pierre KRATZER (Avenches, Switzerland). Achille CASSART (Mons, Belgium), Juan LIABATA CURSACH (Balearic Trotting Federation, Spain), Edwin BORG (Malta Racing Club), and Giorgio SANDI (Contributor and stakeholder, Modena, Treviso, Trieste and Ferrara racecourses, Italy).
The congress will be followed by the evening race meet at the Vincennes Racecourse, Paris.
Free access: Owners’ entrance, Partners’ Club (3rd floor)
Vincennes Racecourse: 2, route de la Ferme, 75012, Paris
Registration by email to: ancgtp@orange.fr
Martine Della Rocca – Tel: 06-70-56-64-53

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